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The city of Pula (Pola) has been focused on sustainable development and green solutions for many years, and invests considerable effort and planning in solar solutions. The city also conducts educational and informational campaigns on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

In 2018, the City of Pula analyzed the capacity for solar PV systems on the roofs of public buildings in Pula. The goal was to define which public buildings have the potential for economically justified installation of solar PV systems on the roof surface.

During 2021 and 2022, the City of Pula carried out the Solar Outlet campaign to test citizens’ interest in installing solar PV systems in family homes. It also included educational activities to inform citizens and entrepreneurs about the advantages and process of installing solar PV systems.

The Energy Efficiency Action Plan of the City of Pula 2022–2024 plans:

  • the installation of a solar PV system at Mate Parlov Sports Center (436,8 kWp);
  • the installation of solar PV systems on the roofs of buildings used by Pula Herculanea d. o. o. (125 kW):
    • the Koceić workshop (75 kWp);
    • the office spaces of Pula Herculanea d. o. o. (125 kWp);
  • the development of documentation for increasing the energy efficiency and solarization of public buildings owned by the City of Pula:
    • an analysis of possible energy efficiency measures for the building of the former Rojc barracks will be prepared to optimize the investment, as well as the project documentation for the installation of PV panels; and
  • the co-financing of project documentation and the installation of PV systems in family homes.

City of Pula (Pola) in the Good Energy — SEET project:

Through the Good Energy — SEET project, the City of Pula will secure solar PV systems for the Veli Vrh Elementary School and Vidikovac Elementary School.

Veli Vrh Elementary School

• Installed capacity: 50 kWp
• CO2 reduction: 59,012 TPY

Vidikovac Elementary School

• Installed capacity: 30 kWp
• CO2 reduction: 40,046 TPY

Project Manager for the City of Pula – Pola:

Antonija Babić